Friday, February 5, 2016

Read This! Grades 4-6

by Chris Colfer

Alex and Conner, twin sister and brother, fall into a fairy tale world through a storybook they inherit from their now-deceased dad. They must find eight special objects to complete the Wishing Spell in order to find their way back home. Alex and Conner must negotiate the different kingdoms and the different character's stories to find what they need, making friends and enemies along the way.
Anyone who loves fairy tales, princesses, and the ideas of being alive in a land where Goldilocks, talking harps, trolls and witches really exist will probably enjoy this whole series. The Wishing Spell is the first in the series, where Alex and Conner find out their is more to their past and the history of their family than they ever thought possible.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Read This! Picture Books

Written by Steve Smallman

Illustrated by Joelle Dreidemy

A little lamb shows up on a wolf's doorstep, cold and hungry. He automatically thinks of her as the makings for LAMB STEW, but she worms her way out of his stomach and into his heart. She's pretty cute, and it turns the tide of his feelings from predatory to fatherly.
This is a funny story, especially for kids who love a little bloodthirsty fairy tale feeling to their stories! It's certainly silly, and would make a great read aloud.

Friday, January 29, 2016

Read This! Non Fiction for Kids

Animal Playtime

by Caroline Bingham and Fleur Star

*Guest post by Amanda B.*

Young animals are just like children because they also love to play. When young animals play, they are learning skills that will help them when they are older. Whether its a dog, bear, dolphin, horse or raccoon, their swimming, running and play-fighting are all useful. 
This book is filled with great facts about animal play and the animals in general. There are over twenty five animals to learn about. Images are real photographs and some include fun thought bubbles. The back of the book features a glossary and index in addition to the table of contents in the beginning of the book. 

Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Read This! Picture Books

by Manya Stojic

Many animals react very differently to the forthcoming snowfall. Rabbits, a fox, an owl, geese, a bear and a moose all anticipate the first snow, and each animal or animals have something to say about whether or not they like the idea or how they will prepare.
The illustrations are bright and bold and look like they are oil painting with some other media mixed in. Readers who like animals will love this story of anticipation and preparing for the long, cold winter!

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Read This! Adults

by Shonda Rhimes

She runs whole entire blockbuster television shows - starting with Grey's Anatomy to Private Practice to Scandal to How to Get Away with Murder. She writes some of the scripts, she produces them, she works very hard to keep the shows fresh and watchable and to make sure that she is creating something amazing. But Shonda Rhimes in real life was also making excuses so she could hide from the world. So she ventured into a year of YES (which sometimes means NO) and she talks about that all in this book. She says yes to things that are hard and things that are easy and she says no when she has to and she is active and making decisions and doesn't let life pass her by. So, if I have summed up this book, why should you read it? Because her voice - her writing voice - is so great (cool? fun? fresh? sassy? I don't know...). Are you ready for a book/best friend to start the year off right? Here it is!
I (the reviewer) also listened to the audiobook, and Ms. Rhimes narrates it herself. She's great. Maybe my favorite since Tina Fey narrated "Bossypants". She has excellent pacing, a wonderful rich voice and tells her story like you are sitting in her kitchen with her, over coffee.