Thursday, November 26, 2015

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Read This! Grades 4-6

by Patricia Reilly Giff

Sam finds something he is not supposed to find. Why is there a newspaper article that has something to do with him as a young kid and being missing? Sam has a lot of problems reading, but he knows he can't bring this paper to the people who love him - what if they got mad? He sometimes has nightmares about water and mean people, but his life is pretty nice. Why does he have a different last name in the newspaper article? There's a lot of questions, but Sam isn't sure he wants to find out the answers.
Sam is a great character. He's struggling in school, going to resource room and practicing reading without much success. He has three adults that form a family with him, and their support and guidance are wonderful. He is smart and talented and interesting, and readers see that Sam himself should see past his disability and celebrate his life. Sometimes you have to ask the hard questions to hear the answers you need.

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Read This! NonFiction for Kids

Using Our Senses
by Jane Brocket

Enormous colorful photographs help readers identify what kinds of things we might use our senses to hear, feel, and see. Brocket (author of other concept photograph books) uses short text to describe the pictures with proper adjectives that may help readers in describing sharp, damp, smooth, bitter and associating such descriptors with different senses. There are 2 - 10 words per page.
The photographs are gorgeous and interesting. Adults will enjoy seeing the photos too! The author is well known in Europe for her blog, yarnstorm, which includes many beautiful photos of everyday objects.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Read this! Picture Books

Don't Mention Piratesby Sarah McConnell

*Guest post by Amanda B.*
Scarlet Silver is not allowed to mention pirates because of the bad luck that fell upon her Grandma, who is the head of her former pirate family. It's really hard for Scarlet because she wants so badly to be a pirate. One day she discovers a piece of gold and she and her family begin to dig for more gold. What could this mean for the Silver family?
This is a funny book about that any pirate fan will enjoy. Readers will be turning the page to see if Scarlet and her family will discover any more gold.

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Read this! Easy Readers

Lego City - All Aboardby Sonia Sander

*guest post by Amanda B.*

There are different types of trains, some that travel people while others travel supplies. This cargo train is ready to be loaded and get to work. The train has to travel through different places for a long time to get where it needs to go. Once the train gets where it needs to go, the job is not over.
Fans of the transportation picture books will enjoy this transition into reading this Level 1 Easy Reader book. The book has five - fifteen words per page in simple sentences. Readers will enjoy the bright pictures as well as following the Lego people who work on the train and its journey.